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With the help of our Atlanta website design, having a beautiful website that converts more customers for your business is more achievable than ever.

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 It is certainly no question that around the world the cornerstone of online business is a great website. It’s no different for Web consultingA striking, informative, and, most importantly, intuitive web design is paramount if you are looking to keep the customers that have landed on your site. But that’s just the surface portion of creating your successful website. You might be wondering how to build the correct small business website packages for you.



Fortunately, that’s where SEO Equity comes in. We have the ability to take your raw information (location, services, hours of operation, philosophy statement, etc.) and translate it into a language that both the user and search engines find to be navigable and effective. It’s not about being over the top, it’s simply knowing how the search engine operates and what users prefer.

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Digital marketing is more than just focusing on offsite SEO; its foundation starts with your website and how you welcome your customers from the very beginning.

But what makes an appealing website and how can you keep up with the regular trend shifts? By updating your brand. good website design and branding make the difference between converting customers and never getting their traffic again. Working with the best web design firm in Atlanta is essential for executing your business’s online platforms.


At SEO Equity, we do the heavy lifting for you. We do the research, design your site, write your content and do all the optimization. All you have to do is approve the design, and then it’s just a matter of pressing publish.


Your website plays a critical role in any marketing strategy and we understand that. We also take it upon ourselves to evaluate any weaknesses in your old site and redesign it according to our findings. This is all to improve the overall performance of your site, help you rank, and most importantly convert customers.


We find photos and media that will entice viewers and provide further context to the content within the site. We can assist in choosing customer testimonials and reviews that will increase trust, and highlight positive customer service interactions. These and more things are all facets of web consulting, and all create more opportunities for you to land the sale.

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Once we increase your organic landing presence and get traffic to your page, we want you to make the sale. The key here is making smart, data-driven decisions. We develop straight forward designs true to your brand that are structured to convert. Once we’ve created a style and layout, we write content specifically tailored for your business. Effective content will increase your site ranking, provide sufficient knowledge to the reader, and maximize site traffic. Believe us: there is an internet-goer out there searching for the services you provide. But, to connect, a direct path between them and your site must be constructed. Utilizing formulas and data we thoughtfully craft your landing page, service pages, and background information to present your business in the best light. 
Whether we’re your Marietta web design company or Atlanta web developer we know what it takes to help you see results.

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Growth Minded Strategies

Google performs regular updates that can disrupt SEO rankings. Our teams stay up to date on all the latest changes and pivots accordingly to keep your performance in check. We’re committed to helping you reach the top and stay there.

SEO Solutions That Last

SEO has gone through quite a few evolutions as the Search Engines get smarter. We guarantee we’re using the most white-hat methods in the market to ensure there’s no false grandeur in your progress. We build your SEO profile with the future at heart.

Fast and Affordable

We’re here to adapt to your needs regardless of the size of your company. There’s no one size fits all approach to achieving your goals. No project is too complicated, or too simple for our team. We’re here to support small businesses and we don’t pick favorites.

Adaptive Service

We’re here to adapt to your needs regardless of the size of your company. There’s no one size fits all approach to achieving your goals. No project is too complicated, or too simple for our team. We’re here to support small businesses and we don’t pick favorites.

Reach Your Goals

We want to see you succeed! That’s why our services are driven by results. You can trust that we’ll do everything we can to help your reach the achievements, whether it’s ranking your site for your preferred services or ranking it to find the most qualified employees.

Traffic That Converts

It’s one thing to bring people to your website, it’s another to bring the right traffic. We make sure you’re bringing the right leads to your site and that they will convert as quickly as possible. Time is money and we make sure the visitors to your site find the reason they’re there.

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We’re always here to answer the questions regarding our SEO Services. You never have to worry about us getting back to you in a timely manner. 

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We track everything. This means you never have to wonder what your services entail and how you are progressing. With us, you get to watch your growth in real-time.