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At SEO Equity is an internet marketing firm with the arsenal of services you need to dominate your local market on the online and grow your business.

Our focus is on creating equity in the digital marketplace to help businesses here in Atlanta, in the south east, and beyond gain the proper foothold they deserve when competing online. We can provide incredible web design, SEO (search engine optimization services), and invaluable guidance on how to utilize tools from Google and Facebook.


If you want to reach a larger customer base, increase sales, and maintain the advantages gained long term, our Atlanta SEO firm can tailor a successful strategy for you. We’re the agency Atlanta small businesses are looking for to make their visions a reality.

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Let Us Help Drive More Customers Your Way With a Greater Return on Investment.

We’re the Atlanta SEO Specialists who will increase your customer exposure and tell you exactly how we did it. Our Proven strategies generate more traffic, leads and revenue for your business. Don’t let confusion stop you from dominating your competition online.

It’s 2021 and you’ve decided to do some research on marketing strategies for your business. Well then you more than likely have come across the term SEO and have heard it thrown around by peers, vloggers, and “gurus”.  SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is always changing and thigns that worked 5-10 years ago might not apply anymore thanks to technological advances with search engines like Google. We have a fine tuned and adaptive process  that keeps our clients prepared during search engine updates. Here at SEO Equity we want to help companies like yours learn about best search engine optimization practices and implement them to grow your business. 
Logically you realize that Google is dominating the market when it comes to users accessing products and services. It is a search engine and like any, it has a preference for how its displays, organizes, and promotes its resources.  We have the formula for how Google chooses its preferences (aka websites). Google is the pinnacle but even those that don’t use it have a preferred search engine to get information. Search engine optimization is the scientific process that we use to boost your presence in internet results in the area of your business. 
 If you happen to be in the Midwest, one of our good partners specializing in Indianapolis SEO services. Don’t hesitate to check them out in the link. 
Web Design

Beauty is important for your website, but here at SEO Equity we really Dive Deep to optimize your website. We pay attention to a lot of key factors other web design companies neglect when creating awesome websites. With us you can have Pretty and Powerful!

So, you’ve been wanting to update your website, but let us tell you, looks aren’t everything. Great web development in Atlanta, requires more than just a killer website design. Google cannot see how beautiful your website is because the technology used to evaluate your website can only read. 

This means the words you use on your website matter. Let’s say you found a Marietta web design team that knows how to make websites flashy, but if there’s no SEO game plan, a mobile-friendly design, click-to-call text, and analytics, that beauty won’t reach the eyes of an audience, or worse it’ll reach the wrong audience. Spending a ton of money on a pretty website no one will see is still better than nothing? Absolutely not. Your money can be used to make a real impact in your business. Instead, decide to bring us on as your web designing consultants to boost your ranking for relevant search terms on Google, make your website incredibly user friendly, and create sales leads through your online presence. 

Every google search you may be missing out on valuable exposure to your client base. The entire world is using the internet, so it’s time to take advantage by seeking the most advanced internet marketing available. If you are interested in discussing the many ways we can positively impact your digital standing, or you want to learn more, then contact us today to set up a free consultation. 

Social Media

When you need social media management in Atlanta for your business, don’t compromise your busy schedule for it. SEO Equity has the skills, the knowledge, and the team to elevate your social media advertising experience.


Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and others can be used to run extremely effective marketing campaigns because the barrier to entry is so low. Though we all strive for free organic traffic to our site through social media profiles, Social Media advertising can target specific cold and warm audiences based on age, sex, location, and interests. With ads your content will be placed right in front of your target demographic and will collect all the data to optimize itself with artificial intelligence. This means you can trigger traffic from users who were not even consciously investigating for your services. This avenue to gain leads is highly effective as it establishes brand awareness and acts as a virtual business card. The media also looks at a person’s previous interactions with ads and determines if yours is similar, then continue to show them ads they have been interested in before.

When done correctly, advertising on social media can be a great way to give your business a quick return on investment! If you are in need of Facebook or YouTube ads Management, contact SEO Equity.

Google Maps Listing

There’s a lot of power in taking a digital asset like your Google My Business Listing and super charging it’s potential. We have a strong focus in Atlanta Google Maps Optimization, because it can bring you, consistent, free, and qualified lead.

Our expert team, understand succeeding online is more than just creating a great website. It’s about evaluating and restructuring your entire online presence to work cohesively to create sales leads. This includes tackling the Map Pack; the top 3 spots that google brings up when you make a search in your area. Our method works and with our help business pages have migrated to the top of the pack and the first page of Google and stayed there. Being a leader in the maps can have an extreme impact for a business and can also save you money in the long run. We can get you where you want to be by optimizing your listing so that you rank organically.  This helps you graduate from spending money on pay per click ads to generate leads. Atlanta pay per click ads on Google can be worth the money, but why pay if you don’t have to? It’s one of our focuses for search engine optimization to make your business-friendly and accessible. We want to make sure we get traffic to your website right away and Google Maps is a great place to start. 


Our Atlanta PPC Management team creates precise,  high converting advertisements for your business. If you’re interested in running ads but have had trouble in the past with little results. SEO Equity is here to help! We’ll conduct a free Ads audit for you. 

The key to taking over the online market in your area is to completely invest in your organic marketing strategy, but sometimes it’s easiest for small businesses to start generating leads with online advertisements. If you’re not ready to update your website our company is also skilled in managing Google ads. 

We can be the Atlanta AdWords consultant you need. This is because we know how to use relevant search terms for  business, leverage great ad campaigns on Google and Facebook, and build websites that connect new and potential customers to you directly. That’s why we’re one of the top social media marketing companies Atlanta has to offer. Ads are a great way to generate more leads for your company fast. Combined with SEO, you can see the growth that you want immediately. Let’s lower your cost per conversion today!

Brand & Logo Design

You can rely on our local Atlanta Logo Design company for your perfect logo and brand kit. Your business brand is something that will be with you for, quite some time. We make sure it’s a brand that you love! Keep reading for more on our custom Logo work.

Unique Logo Design is an integral part of any business. It’s your brands first impression to an audience that establishes who you are while also describing what you offer.

It may not be feasible for a zoo to feature a picture of a dinosaur, or an truck to be featured for a plumbing company. That being said, logos don’t have to be so literal all of the time. If a seemingly irrelevant image is incorporated into the brand of the company it could be quite effective. For example: the NIKE check. The iconic image speaks for itself by representing the slogan and brand.


Your logo is what a client remembers and that’s why its so imperative. It distinguishes you from the competition, grabs peoples attention and over time can gain loyalty and trust.


As a local Atlanta Logo Design company, we love supporting small businesses while they create their brand. Don’t settle for anyone you can find, pick a company that’s going to put you in good hands!

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SEO Equity is a results-oriented Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta, Georgia. We have small businesses at heart. One of our priorities is for us to make sure that your website gets the customer traffic and leads it deserves! 

We provide the top Atlanta web design services for small business ready to grow. They’re fast, fashionable, user friendly and affordable! However, we’re no “one trick pony”. With our knowledge of Google My Business set up, we’re able to make free lead generation a core pillar of your business.

We Provide the Social Media Management Atlanta can rely on. It allows us to identify your target audience and fine-tune our campaigns accordingly meaning we get results fast meaning you can scale fast.

If you’re looking to boost you business within days you definitely could benefit from our Atlanta PPC Management (Pay-Per-Click). We fine tune our  ads allowing which lets you access leads well below industry standard cost per campaign.

We Don't Over Complicate Success.

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SEO Equity was pivotal in my web design overhaul in 2021! Jeanette was communicative at every step of the process, and was receptive to my business's needs. Jeanette went above and beyond to understand my niche industry and strategize how to best attract my target customer. I would recommend SEO Equity to any business owner looking for an experienced web strategist and SEO expert to help them scale.
Very professional, great to work with, and time efficient! My family contracted SEO Equity to help us redesign our website and gain more traction. We are beyond happy with the look of the site (which hadn’t been updated in a decade) and are already yielding more results! Business has been challenging due to the pandemic, but Jeanette from SEO Equity really made a positive impact for us and our center - Palmer Preschool and Childcare - great work!

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We serve the United States but work locally in the greater metro area. If you trust us to be your Georgia SEO agency or sandy springs SEO expert, you’ll definitely feel the excitement of having a full pipeline of leads.  We’ll track and measure all the results for you too. If your serious about growing your business Call us today!